Essential Berlin

  • Duration: 1.5hr
  • Price: 90,00EUR
  • Sites: Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, memorial to the murdered jews of Europe, Site of Hitlers bunker, Nazi Ministeries on the Wilhlemstrs, SS & Gestapo HQ, The Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie

The ‘all in one’ virtual Berlin tour.  See for yourself the major highlight sites and explore the stories this amazing city has to offer.  

Walk through the iconic Brandenburg Gate from the old city, and then cross from the Soviet to the Western sectors to pass the Reichstag and Russian War memorial in the famous Tiergarten park.  Follow the lIne of the Berlin Wall to the nearby Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Potsdamerplatz Berlin’s new architectural showcase lies close by, as does what’s left of the heart of Nazi Berlin and the site of Hitler’s bunker.

On the way to Checkpoint Charlie where Berlin reached the brink of nuclear WWIII in 1961, we see surviving Nazi ministries and pass the government building of Cold War East Germany, before we see the Berlin Wall and the site of SS and Gestapo HQ.  

We finish at Checkpoint Charlie.  It was here as the Wall fell in 1989 that our 21st Century was born. 

Some of the Stories we can share:

Rise of Prussia, Birth of Bismarck’s Germany, WWI and the Weimar Republic, Golden Twenties, Rise of Nazis and WWII, Hitler’s Germania plans, How Berlin commemorates the Holocaust today, Hitler’s suicide – the facts, Divided Berlin, The origins of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and revolution 1989

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